Parliament Watch
Parliament Watch is one of the integral programs run by FEFA that aims to represent a parliament with the openness to public,
transparent functions and accountable by providing accurate, objective and current reports
on all activities of Afghanistan's parliament.

Observation of lower house on May 29th-2017    Lower House (Wolesi Jirga) held a plenary session on May 29, 2017 chaired by Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, speaker of the house. The house voted on two legislative documents which were presented by the Committee on International Affairs of Wolesi Jirga. The first document was a treaty between Afghanistan and Emirate on business of illegal intoxicants which was codified into a preface and 11 articles. The house approved this article with majority votes pro. Then, the treaty between the government of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan on extradition of criminals which was codified into a preface and 21 articles was approved by the house.                                                               Observation of upper house on May 28th-2017    Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) held a plenary session on May 28, 2017 chaired by Fazl Hadi Muslimyar. Based on the agenda, the senators discussed the proposal on amendment of items A and B of the SAARC charter. The proposal was presented to the plenary session by Mr. Abdul Latif Zhowandi, head of the Committee on International Affairs of Meshrano Jirga and approved by the house with majority votes pro. Subsequently, Senator Lutfullah Baba presented the report of a delegation of Meshrano Jirga who went to Sri-Lanka. The delegation of Meshrano Jirga composed of Dr. Asef Sedeqqi, Mer Hatam Tarakhil, Lutfullah Baba and Dr. Mohammad Ajan went to Sri-Lanka to attend the Sout-Asian countries parliamentary meeting. The delegation met with the speaker and members of parliament of Sri-Lanka and talked about fighting the terrorism in South-Asia and exportation of Afghanistan dry fruits to Sri-Lanka. Then, Senator Aziza Musleh presented the report of supervision trip of the head and members of the Committee on Legislation of Meshrano Jirga to Balkh and Samangan provinces.                                                               Observation of lower house on May 13th-2017    Lower Houuse (Wolesi Jirga) held a plenary session on May 13, 2017 chaired by Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi speaker of the house decide about the legislative decree number 248 of the president on amendment of the last paragraph of article 4 of article 9 of the law on the civil services. The decree was presented to the plenary session of the house by Mr. Mohammad Hassan Sharifi head of the Committee on Judicial and Justice of Wolesi Jirga. Then, members of the house exchanged views about the decree and approved it with majority votes pro.                                                               Observation of upper house on May 9th-2017    Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) held a plenary session on May 9, 2017 chaired by Fazl Hadi Muslimyar to discuss the Judicial & Justice Treaty in Civil and Commercial Affairs between the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Republic of India. This treaty was presented to the plenary session of the house by Mr. Abdul Latif Zhowandi head of the Committee on International Relations of Wolesi Jirga. The treaty was submitted to Meshrano Jirga for approval on May 1, 2017 after Wolesi Jirga approved it. Members of Meshrano Jirga discussed the treaty and then approved it into 29 articles. Likewise, Meshrano Jirga approved the draft-law on Anti-Narcotics into 99 chapters and 76 articles after deletion of article 9.   Present members: 34   Female present members: 9                                                               Observation of upper house on March 26th-2017:    Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) held a questioning session on March 26th-2017 where officials of security sector (Minister of Defense, Minister of Interior Affairs and Director of National Directorate of Security) attended to present information about the bloody attack on Sardar Daud Khan Hospital. Members of Meshrano Jirga asked their questions regarding this attack and then the mentioned officials replied them one by one. However, majority of members of Meshrano Jirga were not satisfied with the replies/answers.                                                               Observation of lower house on March 25th-2017:    Parliamentary monitoring Sixteenth period-thirteenth sessions Wolesi Jirga held a plenary secret sessions on March 25th-2017 chaired by Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi to discuss SIGAR’s report about huge corruption in army of Afghanistan and selling of military equipment to Taliban by armed forces of Afghanistan. Likewise, the house exchanged views about president’s remarks regarding closure of the parliament in case it impeach and disqualify ministers of security sector.                                                               Observation of lower house on March 13th-2017:    Wolesi Jirga held an extraordinary session to elect its secretary, where Mr. Sayed Akram, representative of Nangarhar province received 70 votes pro and Mr. Reza Khushak, representative of Herat received 75 votes pro and there was no outcome. Finally, based on internal rules of procedure, Wolesi Jirga held the final round of election between Mr. Khushak and Mr. Zazai who had received majority of votes pro in previous rounds of elections, ultimately Mr. Zazai won by 94 votes.
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Upper house of parliament appreciated FEFA's work

Upper House appreciated the leadership and some staff members of FEFA for their active parliamentary monitoring program and their attempts toward reforming the electoral system of Afghanistan. Dr. Mohammad Tayeb Atta secretary of Meshrano Jirga said, “FEFA has covered the activities of parliament over the past few years and regularly reported to people to strengthen parliament’s relation with people and increase the level of transparency in parliament. Subsequently Mohammad Yousuf Rasheed, the executive director of FEFA thanked Meshrano Jirga for appreciating FEFA and said, “FEFA is a national organization which strives to strengthen the democratic processes and structures. We have always tried to report parliament’s performance, achievements and developments to people.”

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Town hall meeting held in Bamyan province

The Free & Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) held a town-hall meeting in Bamyan province where the representatives of Bamyan in the National Assembly and provincial council attended to discuss Bamyan’s challenges and problems. Lack of electricity, asphalted roads, security and lack of government’s support from gardening in Bamyan were the 4 major problems of Bamyan province raised in this town-hall meeting. Mr. Abdul Rahman Shahedani on behalf of Bamyan’s representatives in the National Assembly and Mr. Asadullah Asadi on behalf of Bamyan provincial council attended the town-hall meeting to discuss about Bamyan’s problems with Bamyan residents.

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FEFA Releases it's Parliamentary Monitoring Findings

Free and fair election forum of Afghanistan released its parliamentary monitoring findings in a round table in the existence of media.
Dr. Haseeb Motaref, parliamentary monitoring coordinator of FEFA, said, “Wolesi Jirga has made remarkable progresses in term of legislation this year (1395 Solar year).
However, it was not very active in term of representing people and handling public problems.”

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Round table on conflict of powers, its impacts and solutions

On 27th December 2016 FEFA held a round table in Kabul in the presence of parliament members, political and social activists, university professors, elite people, women and youth to discuss the issue of power conflicts in the government of Afghanistan.

Conflicts between the three branches of power existed since more than a decade in the Afghan government notably between the executive power and the parliament.

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Discussion on the pending law of anti-violence against women

FEFA findings on parliament observation shows that the law on anti-violence against women has been in a pending state since 18 may 2013 due to disagreement of views between members of parliament and it is still in the women affairs commission of lower house.
Therefore, in order to discuss and put light on the current status of the forgotten law “Anti-violence against women” FEFA conducted a meeting with members of parliament, civic society members and university professors.

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Comprehensive report on parliament activities in the 11th session

FEFA released its comprehensive report on parliament activities in the 11th session i.e. from 6th March 2016 till 21st July 2016. Afghanistan’s parliament is being watched by FEFA’s parliamentary unit and accurate records are generated on daily basis.

Based on the daily observation and findings, comprehensive reports are prepared and published that consists detailed and accurate information about parliament activities in the duration of one session i.e. four and half months.

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Town-hall meeting held in Paktia province

In continuance to the provincial programs, FEFA conducted a town-hall meeting in Paktia province on 20 December 2016 to discuss the main issues of Paktia residents (mainly health issues and lack of women teacher) with the invited members of parliament to identify and provide sustainable solutions to people.
This town-hall was organized in the presence of upper house parliament senators, provincial council members, local authorities, influential tribal elders, civic society activists, women, youth and university students.

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Face to face discussion of students with MPs

FEFA held a meeting with students of Alberoni University where Mr. Qalatwal, representative of Zabul in Wolesi Jirga and Mrs. Zakia Sangen, representative of Parwan in Wolesi Jirga attended to present information on parliament and its activities to students.
Mr. Abdul Qadir Qalatwal, representative of Zabul province in Wolesi Jirga began the meeting by stating that "making and approving laws, monitoring the performance of government and representing people are three main duties of Wolesi Jirga.”

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Treaty on Judicial & Justice Cooperation in Commercial and Civil Affairs Between Afghanistan and India Lower House / April 10th 2017 Approved
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The Law on Overseeing the Implementation of Anti-Corruption Strategy The Committee on Judicial & Justice / April 3rd 2017 In Progress
The Law on Supporting the Informers of Corruption Lower House In Progress
The Proposal on Adding April 7 the Commencement day of Jihad of Daikundi in calendar Lower House Approved
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Amendment of an Article of the Passport Law Lower House / March 27th 2017 Approved
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