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Question and Answer Section

Answered Questions.

Mr. Pacha Gul Ahmad

  • Resident of Kandahar|
  • Question

Lack of electricity in Kandahar is a major problem. Lack of having electricity negatively impact public life. Lack of having electricity deactivate factories. What can you do as representatives of people in this regard?

Fereba Ahmadi

  • Representative of Kandahar province in lower house (Wolesi Jirga)|
  • Answer

We import electricity from our neighboring countries and don’t have stable electricity. We have recommended the government several times to use the water resources of Afghanistan properly for electricity production. We will try again to raise your voice and put pressure on it to build dams and produce electricity.

Nazar Mohammad Koshi

  • Resident of Kandahar|
  • Question

Why the representatives of Kandahar don't play their role in employment of young educated figures in government administration?

Mohammad Yousuf Yousufi

  • Kandahar's provincial council deputy|
  • Answer

We have been trying to play role in employments in Kandahar administrations but some figures prevent us and employ uneducated people in government administrations for their interest. There are some uneducated people in provincial council and those uneducated people monitor the educational system in Kandahar.

Dr. Fayez

  • Resident of Kandahar|
  • Question

I have been witness that the provincial council and office of governor denied employment of women as their staff. Why the provincial council don't pay attention to this issue?

Serena Fayezi

  • Member of Kandahar's provincial council|
  • Answer

Thanks to Dr. Fayez for pointing to this important issue but we have decided to employ female staff at provincial council.

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